Herbal Medicine

Medicinal value of Calophyllum by-products

Calophyllum by-products are also valuable. For example, the gum tapped from the Calophyllum tree, which is known as Tamanu oil (Tahiti), undi oil (India), sheep oil (Africa) has active ingredients known to suppress the growth of HIV virus. The Calophylllum leaves contain the compounds costatolite-A, saponins and hydrocyanic acid which are effective as a topical drug for arthritis pain and cosmetic ingredients for skin care, and for healing wounds such as burns and cuts. Calophyllum Flowers can also be used as a mixture for hair oil. Calophyllum oil, besides being a biofuel feedstock, can also be used as massage-, hair- and polisher- oil and as an ingredient for drugs efficacious as a cathartic and for rheumatism.

Medicinal value of Camelina by-products

Because of its beneficial health effects, Camelina oil possesses great potential if used in the production of health promoting supplements. In a test with mildly and moderately hypercholesterolemic subjects, it was determined that Camelina oil had a cholesterol reducing effect. The high contents of ALA, tocopherols and other antioxidants make Camelina oil nutritionally very attractive and have beneficial effects which help in preventing coronary heart disease, arrhythmias and thrombosis. Deficiency of ALA in the human body may result in clinical symptoms including neurological abnormalities and poor growth. The consumption of Camelina oil can help to improve the general health of the population to the desired level, helpful in the regeneration of cells, skin elasticity and in slimming. It plays an important role in nerve tissue and retina also. Therefore developing and distributing those food supplements in the rural community will help to improve their general health. Commercial applications will be examined once oil production is fully underway.

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